Jacqueline Freeman

The Song of Increase: Returning to Our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees

Provocative and trail-blazing, this book clarifies fundamental changes that can transform our relationship with bees into one of deep partnership. In her compelling interweave of personal story, unique “from the bees” communications, and her years of beekeeping experience, Jacqueline invites us into an even larger and imperative conversation we all must begin with each other and with bees so their long-term survival is ensured.

Since 2010 the bees have been communicating with Jacqueline Freeman, a farmer and beekeeper in Washington state. Through words and images, the bees share a courageous view of their role on Earth, including their charge to help with the evolution of agriculture and humankind. They describe the matrix of their thought and imagination and their intent to assist humans in their evolution. Guided by the question “How can I help bees sing their song of increase?” Jacqueline committed to a more relational and non-intrusive way of working with her bees to create treatment-free health and contentment in the hives.

In the book the bees explain why so many colonies are dying, and what we can do to reverse the collapse. They describe the higher role of drone bees («the holiest of beings»), the importance of swarming, the crucial function of temperature and scent to the health of the hive and the infant bees, and the secret of the Queen's prolonged and robust fertility. The bees offer a profoundly deeper explanation of pollination and they describe how honeybees can help heal humans. If you keep bees or care about them, this wise book will help you start this necessary dialogue.
304 printed pages
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