Edith Pattou

Fire Arrow

The sequel to Hero’s Song from the bestselling author of East “has echoes of the genre’s masters—Lloyd Alexander, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien” (School Library Journal).
Breo-Saight, the young archer from Hero’s Song, has abandoned her lifelong mission to avenge her father’s murder. But just as she stops pursuing the murderers, they turn up again, leading Brie to her birthright—a fire arrow. The magical arrow leads Brie to a strange country, where she finds the family and happiness she’s never known. But she also finds evil at work—the doings of a sinister, one-eyed sorcerer named Balor. Though Brie has given up on vengeance, she knows she must follow her mission through to its bitter end if she is to save the people she’s grown to love.
“With sympathetic characterizations (both human and animal), gruesome foes, and a sinister mastermind, as well as fast pacing, a well-realized landscape, violent clashes, and all the expected elements of good fantasy, Pattou offers a rousing story that is not only a strong sequel that begs yet another sequel but also a fine fantasy adventure that holds up on its own.”—Booklist
“A much more accomplished book than its predecessor . . . replete with fascinating and fantastical images, creatures, and settings . . . an engrossing, well-crafted book, and will be much enjoyed by young fans of high fantasy.”—SF Site
“Memorable and well-crafted … The reader is left wanting another book … Excellent.”—VOYA (5Q—highest rating)
314 printed pages
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