Erik Lynd

Silas Robb: Hell Hath No Fury

A lover scorned. An ancient enemy of humankind. For Silas they’re one and the same and that can be a bit of a problem…

Silas Robb is an ancient demon summoned by the Vatican to protect mortals from the strengthening forces of the supernatural realm, known as “The Pale”. There’s only one problem. Silas doesn’t particularly care for humans and prefers sex, drugs and rock and roll to saving them.
When you’re as old as Silas, sometimes your past comes back to haunt you. Sometimes in more ways than one. When an old friend arrives in town, a night of drinking and debauchery turns into a desperate race to save humanity from an ancient enemy.

Once again Silas and his ragtag team must work together to save the world. This time from beings who once ruled it and will stop at nothing to do so again. And they must stop them quickly because Silas has a gig that night and it’s all about the rock 'n' roll baby…

Silas Robb: Hell Hath No Fury is the second book in the Silas Robb urban fantasy series. If you like fast-paced urban fantasy, dark supernatural forces, and a little humor thrown in then you will love this series by Erik Lynd.
296 printed pages
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