J.D. Bullocks

Juicy Deceit

Lifelong friends Juicy, Free and Draa all know that nothing in life is for sur but change. and their time is up because everything is going to change for them.

Juicy loves her freedom. She does what she wants, how she wants, when she wants and dares anyone to try to change her. You don't have to agree with her, but you will respect her decisions. That is until she's the one changing up the rules, she's not the one who everyone will be questioning her ruthless behavior. You know they say the grass always looks greener from the other side.

In Free's world she's the baddest thing walking and who could ever blame her? She's the only one whose man put a ring on it and given any chance she will gladly flash her ring. She's turned her nose up at her friends, family and anyone who thinks they're on her level. The only thing is she's only showing the glitz and glimmer of marriage. Free has a few skeletons in her closet and when they fall out everyone will know she is a hypocrite.

Draa is looking for male attention is all the wrong places. Trying to get in where she fits in the only good quality, she thinks she has is opening her legs. and that's not a quality she wants to bee known for. When she tries to keep up with the Harpers, she finds herself in a position she isn't ready for. With the spotlight on her, she knows she can't back down. What's for her is hers and no one else's. the only thing is she can't steal someone else's thunder in the process.
201 printed pages
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