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Salvatore Cutugno

The Second Chosen One-A Long Journey Full Of Adventures

Elio is a country boy, he can barely pay his university fees. He has a quiet life, in a small village in Sicily,
a loving family. One morning, a messenger comes to him
sent by the gods. They chose him to spread love and never again
wars. She soon realizes that her task is beyond her imagination. Well protected inside the alien caravel, full of superpowers, he is alone against the demons of evil and war. He can't reveal his job to anyone, but he can't help but save a married journalist he sees in the desert of Iran, fleeing from kidnappers. Now he has to deal with his hypnotic eyes that surpass reason.
Hermes, by order of the Supreme, presents himself to Helium explaining what is happening to him and the incredulous boy, driven by curiosity, accepts the role of the chosen one. This is where his journey aboard the salvific Caravel begins and, between science fiction and sentiment, various critical issues that plague the Earth, including human nature, will be highlighted.

121 printed pages
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