Healthcare Warriors, Ira Williams
Ira Williams

Healthcare Warriors

Has our Healthcare System failed you or a loved one? Do you want to take part in making that System far better? Wanted! Healthcare Warriors where they live!
Many people complain about our current Healthcare System. Dr. Williams is looking for people who desire to become Healthcare Gamechangers. States are where the current Healthcare Delivery System must be made far better, and Dr. Williams o­ffers a logical and doable process to begin to create a 21st century Healthcare Delivery System within each state, and Healthcare Warriors can initiate that process where they live.
Highlights of Dr. Williams’ career:
• 23 y.o. Air Force Squadron Commander & Summary Court Martial Office.
• President of his state’s surgical society for 2 years.
• Hospital medical staff­ Executive Committee member 2–2year terms.
• Oldest active Plainti­ff’s surgical malpractice expert witness in the nation.
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