B. Love

Hunter & Onyx

«When a woman is in tune with her feminine energy, sex to her is an act of trust. She’s giving herself to a man because she sees a future with him. She’s giving him pieces of her that should be reserved for her husband. The only man really guaranteed to give her all that she wants and needs. And I just ain’t the type of nigga to take things that don’t belong to me.” — Hunter Hendrix
Onyx Stanford left her family and the church to live life for herself. That life led to sugar daddies, stripping, and a reputation in the church as a prostitute.
After years of sneaking into the church to feel closer to her family and God, she runs into Hunter Hendrix — a man of God who has a twisted street past of his own.
What happens when Hunter sets his eyes on Onyx to claim? Find out by reading their love story!
99 printed pages
Original publication



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