Hans Finzel,Patrick Kelly

Millennial BOOM

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Why We Decided To Write This Book

I, Hans, remember Patrick calling me several times to complain about the “Boomer buzz saw” he was running in to at his job. He works in California in the fresh produce industry, which is totally dominated and run by old school Boomers. He wanted my advice plus he just wanted to vent about how roughly he was being treated as a young person getting into this industry. “Even though I grew up in this industry helping my dad, I am treated with zero respect,” he complained. “And they want me to do everything their way. It's like I have nothing to contribute and my ideas all suck” It wasn't long before the two of us concluded, “Hey, we should write a book about this, because this problem is every-where in America.” Both generations have a choice, condemn or collaborate, reject or respect. Or to put it an-other way, dig in your heels and say it has to be my way, or choose to meet each other half way and try to work well together.

Both generations have a choice: condemn or collaborate, reject or respect.

The two of us had several phone conversations about how Boomers and Millennials actually could work better together. That is what this book is about—breaking up the cold war to help Boomers and Millennials thrive in the work place and in life. More than just get along, each generation can and should learn to appreciate what each brings to the table.

Why Is Our Message So Urgent?

We both believe that this is an urgent message. A lot of productivity is being harmed by culture wars in the workplace. All across America, great people in offices are not getting along, team unity is suffering and passive aggressive behavior is holding back companies from maximum output. There is a huge opportunity cost for not getting along. Here is the roadmap for our journey ahead.
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