Aaron Linsdau

How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Cold

Keep your feet warm in the toughest locations on Earth100+ tips includedWhat does it take to keep your feet warm when it's -50º F (-46º C) outside and you are camping in a small tent in a blizzard? How about when you are climbing a mountain and need to warm your chilled feet?
These challenges are familiar to anyone who has climbed, hiked, skied, or marched through winter conditions.Keep your feet warm while adventuring in the coldest and toughest locations in the world with techniques in this book.
This book has several dozen tips, broken into handy groups, on different ways to keep your feet warm. Not only does the book talk about keeping your feet warm during the day, but it also focuses heavily on making sure your feet stay warm at night. There is little worse than cold feet in the outdoors. It's relatively easy to warm fingers, hands, and faces. Warming frozen feet is a far more difficult task.
The book covers:Tent managementSleep systemsBody managementBootsClothingCold managementMorning preparationSafety and danger signsThis book is chock full of hard-won information and lessons. Learn from a polar explorer, someone who has been to the coldest places on Earth, and suffered through many episodes of cold feet. Use the tips and techniques in this book to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and comfortable.
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