The Faces of Struggles Such As Cancers Are On the Journey to God's Glory!, Alfancena Millicent Barrett
Alfancena Millicent Barrett

The Faces of Struggles Such As Cancers Are On the Journey to God's Glory!

166 printed pages
This book is my testimony of how God used me through life's struggles and attack of cancers to my body to bring Glory to His name. It tells of how He prepared me with the help of my family, from the time of my birth to the present, using an imperfect body and person to carry out His will. A testimony of how my walk with God has helped me to understand how insignificant the physical body is; one with many scars and missing parts can demonstrates the power of the Spirit of God from within. When the Spirit lives within, it shines outwardly for others to see. Friends and relatives submitted contributions, of how I have inspired them on this journey. My prayer since my healing has been that God would keep me humble so that His Will would be done because it was not about me, it is all about Him. My story tells of the powerful message that God is true to His promises, and how He uses people to carry out those promises.
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