Meditations for Uprooting Depression, Tami Brady
Tami Brady

Meditations for Uprooting Depression

25 printed pages
Depression is much more than a simple emotion or feeling. It’s more than an expression of being sad, going through a period of grief, or feeling discouraged with particular life realities. It’s more like being in the deepest darkest pit with your worst fears holding you hostage. Logic and reality are useless as weapons against this place. Forcing the matter only seems to give the darkness even more power.

On the surface, depression may seem to be a reaction to specific situation such as working with grief, dealing with unhealthy life circumstances, or coping with chronic conditions. However, in reality, depression is actually directly tied to our core belief structure. With this in mind, Meditations for Uprooting Depression is divided into four sections. The first two sections are primarily coping techniques. Then, in the final two sections, the exercises help strengthen and solidify healthier core beliefs.
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