100 (NHB Modern Plays), Christopher Heimann, Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan
Christopher Heimann,Diene Petterle,Neil Monaghan

100 (NHB Modern Plays)

43 printed pages
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A strikingly original play combining traditional storytelling with physical theatre, created by The Imaginary Body. Winner of a Fringe First at the 2002 Edinburgh Festival. Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your life./Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity./Imagine that you have just one hour to choose… 'Armed with only five bamboo sticks, the actors created a visual piece of theatre that captured the imagination of every spectator… They all left the theatre thinking about what their 'one memory' would be' – Joyce McMillan 'A theatre show that actually makes you think about your own life… fascinating' -Guardian 'This play moved me more profoundly than anything I can remember seeing' -Scotsman
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