Ronnie Israel

The Wok Cookbook

Enjoy Healthier Homemade Versions Of Your Favorite Chinese Meals!
Prepare Great Meals Using Your Wok!
Americans have become accustomed to Chinese foods. We love, enjoy and crave for it as we do our pizzas and tacos. The tens of thousands of Chinese restaurants in the US alone attest to our increasing love for Chinese take-outs. This number far outweighs even our popular American fast-foods restaurants.
But why should we spend lots of money eating in these restaurants when we can easily make ours in the comfort of our homes?  It is simple, easy and economical to prepare your own Oriental meals. It is also healthier as you now have a choice to eliminate the salt, oil and other ingredients you do not want. So get to make your own dishes using primarily the age-old affordable Chinese utensil -the wok.
This book has over 70 delicious and filling recipes for your wok cooking delight. You can prepare a great variety of dishes with your proteins and vegetables be it seafood, chicken, pork, beef, fish, or noodles, to name just a few. With ingredients that are readily available in many supermarkets and Asian groceries; directions that are straightforward but detailed that even a beginner can follow easily; general wok cooking tips as well as cleaning tips; the recipes in this book, are flavor- packed and targeted at utmost satisfaction.
However, do not let this compilation of global recipes intimidate you. They are fun and enjoyable to prepare as wok cooking is. Once you follow the excellently-written steps to every recipe, you will definitely be proud of your end-product.  
So enjoy the flavors, aromas and textures of these oriental recipes; get a wok and a copy of this book!
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