Michael D.Vernon,Nancy Lee McCaskill

Belly Bustin' Tips: You can Use on ANY DIet

No matter what nutritional plan you follow, Belly Bustin'
Tips offers unique and freshly researched tips for any diet.
The e-book not only address the physical side of losing
weight, it also addresses the emotional side of dieting.
If you lose weight and fix the physical but don't fix the
emotional problem, guess what happens? You gain it right back!

Use these Belly Bustin' Tips and start
Ignite your Metabolism,
Charge Through Plateaus, &
Hit your Target Weight!

You will learn:
What speeds up your metabolism &
What slows it down.

You will discover how to:
Handle the Holiday &
Handle IBS While Dieting.

You will find out if:
Allergies make you fat &
If eating fat makes you fat.

You will have Class Lesson Plans to Follow along on Conference Calls with
Our Life Choices Counselor by phone.

PLUS, the book includes
affirmations, recipes,
suggestions for substitutions, and much, much more!

Lee McCaskill has been in the weight loss
industry for over 15 years. She has lost over
90 lbs, as well as helped thousands of clients
lose weight. She would love for you to be next!
179 printed pages
Original publication


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