Anthony R Carson

The Watershed Moment Non Certified : The Zen guide to Artificial Intelligence

The watershed Moment Non Certified is a book on Artificial Intelligence development. It delves into electronic sensory design and robotics combined with cognizant engine development. In the pages of this book, I teach you how to build your very own cognizant robot that is aware of touch, taste, smell, feel, thought processing, conversation assembly and over 20 circuit sensory inputs to make it aware of its environment I show you the compartments of the human brain beginning with the Truine Brain or Neomammalian Complex with active Limbic System and on to more advanced evolved Paliomammalian Complex with sensory combined with active Limbic Systems. It utilizes the YaPanda Engines running parallel to one another processing pattern recognition and assembling memories to create a complex Bayesian Neural Network. I provide all code and a website to download programs to assist you in your development of your cognizant Robot. This is version one of many books in this series that I plan to write.
If you can use an online Email then you can build your own A.I. Engine. Learn the history of A.I. and see how the YaPanda engine is different than all the others. See how powerful this tool is to developing your A.I. applications while learning electronics, Basic Stamp and Arduino Programming interfaces. This book is the watershed moment of Artificial Intelligence!
489 printed pages
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