Burnett Susan,Woodcock Norman

On That Day I Left My Boyhood Behind

1914. At 17, Norman Woodcock is called up and leaves the warmth and comfort of the family bakery in Leeds with little more than the uniform on his back.

1919. He returns having witnessed unspeakable horrors, survived stormy seas, blistering deserts and days of shell fire. Often, his only solace was his horse — Timbuc.

Like most men who returned, he was reluctant to talk about the war. It was not until later life that he began to tell his story.

This book is a moving report of what actually happened to him and the men he served alongside during the First World War. In it he describes the landings on Gallipoli, his time with Lawrence of Arabia, the battles leading to the capture of Jerusalem and being on the Western Front when the Armistice was declared.

His words are raw, powerful and brutally honest. This is how it was.

Setting this book apart from other memoirs, Norman's granddaughter, Susan Burnett, has interspersed his words with historical commentary to give context to his harrowing experiences.
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