Maggie Piper

Scrumptious Slow Cooker Recipes For Two

It seems no one ever has time to prepare home cooked meals these days. Life is moving faster than ever and buying takeaway meals is much more convenient than spending time in the kitchen. However, thanks to the increasing popularity of slow cookers, making a homemade meal is easier than ever before. You can throw together the ingredients in a couple of minutes, leave the dish to slow cook while you're away from home and come back to a delicious, hot meal.
This book contains over a 100 mouthwatering recipes to help you make full use of your slow cooker. These recipes cover various high-quality ingredients, food groups, and delectable flavors so you should have plenty of options to try out on different occasions.
Imagine going to bed at and night and waking up the next morning to the sweet smell of Broccoli Cheese Quiche, or coming home after a hard day at work to the smell of Salsa Verde Chicken. Even after cooking, you only have to wash 1 or 2 dishes. Sounds like a dream right? Well it isn’t. Follow the recipes in this book and you’ll never have to worry about spending long hours slaving away in the kitchen.
All the recipes were carefully chosen to ensure that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Recipes in this book cover breakfast, appetizers, soups and chilies, chicken, beef, veal, turkey, pork, fish, vegetarian meals and desserts.
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