Steven Kent

The Clone Rebellion – The Clone Elite

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“Reminiscent of Heinlein's Starship Troopers and John Scalzi's Old Man's War… effective and entertaining.” SFF World Earth, 2514 a.d. Humans populate the six arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The oppressive Unified Authority controls Earth's colonies with a powerful military made up almost entirely of clones—until an unstoppable alien force begins wiping them out. Wayson Harris retired from the Marines after thousands of his fellow clones were sent to their deaths in order to crush a separatist uprising. But when he is recalled for duty, Harris is forced to work for the very men who betrayed him. As the U.A. struggles in the aftermath of its partial destruction, and an advanced extra-terrestrial enemy closes in on what remains of its colonies, Harris and his platoon are forced to make a stand that could be their last. Praise for The Clone Rebellion series: “If you enjoy military science fiction, then this is the book for you… fast-paced and hard-hitting. Punches, bullets, and nuclear bombs are not held back.” SF revu “Stunning battle sequences and plenty of unexpected revelations.” SF site Cover images
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