The Homemade Porn Tape, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

The Homemade Porn Tape

A woman confesses to her black neighbor that she is desperate for money and will do anything to get it. He offers her the chance of some cash to make a homemade porn movie and she jumps at the chance to fuck his big cock.

Excerpt: Amy moved onto the bed and sat down with her legs tucked underneath herself. Adrian zoomed the camera in so that the bed was fully in shot and then turned the camera on. “So what age are you?” asked Adrian. Amy took a sip of wine. “36,” she answered. “Ever been married?” “Nope, but I have had plenty of boyfriends,” said Amy. “And you like sex?” asked Adrian. Amy smiled at the camera. “Oh yes.” Adrian could feel himself getting harder. “So what’s your favorite position?”………………
13 printed pages
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