Anton Chekhov

The Short Stories

“For those new to Chekhov: Reading the stories in order is a wonderful experience; however, I recommend beginning with a few humorous stories, such as “Oh! the Public!” (39), “The Orator” (92), and “A Transgression” (124). Next try one of Chekhov's most moving stories, “Misery” (45). Among the longer stories, I suggest beginning with “Ward No. 6” (166), “The Duel” (160), and “The Steppe” (148), which contains the most famous thunderstorm in literature. Finally, be sure to read the famous trilogy made of “The Man in a Case” (189), “Gooseberries” (190), and “About Love” (191)."

“Reading Chekhov was just like the angels singing to me.” — Eudora Welty, 1977
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    Liamhas quoted2 months ago
    studded with stars
    syafiqahwithaQhas quotedlast year
    I recommend beginning with a few humorous stories, such as "Oh! the Public!" (39), "The Orator" (92), and "A Transgression" (124).
    Amra Rečkovićhas quoted2 years ago
    "Reading Chekhov was just like the angels singing to me." -- Eudora Welty, 1977

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