Margaret Morgan

Tecky, Chief To Be

Tecky watched his very old beaver hat fly into a puddle. Again. When would his new school bullies stop sneering at him, for being a Chief's son; descended from the great chief, Tecumseh, of the Shawnee people. The jeering slobs watched him cycle towards his sisters, who were waiting to grab him, like the old game. Living with their grandparents, managers of a trailer park for addicted Native Americans, was a new experience for the girls and Tecky. He knew a young chief like him should conquer or befriend the bullies and look after his family; however Grandpa seemed to be with the Great Spirits sometimes. His one consolation was Shotokan karate. He knew he must deal with his demons, take the next grading and become a respected chief. After all, his name was Tecumseh.
185 printed pages
Original publication



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