Being, Aasha Murthy, Vikram Murthy
Aasha Murthy,Vikram Murthy


749 printed pages
Being! Five ways of leading authentically in an iConnected world is rooted in leadership practice across many sectors and its raison d'etre is to build adaptiveness and resilience in uncertain times. It is credentialed by leaders who have honed their personal effectiveness, grown spiritually and become more effective and impactful, because of their engagement with its content.
It channels wisdom at the intersection of many disciplines and multiple world views to provide deeper insight and meaning to the leadership dilemmas and choices that you constantly face. It integrates both western leadership-thinking with its more evidence-based, cognitive approaches, and eastern philosophy with its more 'mystical' and spiritually-oriented homilies, into a rich tapestry that engages your attention, challenges your capabilities, and leaves you richer and more fulfilled for the effort.
Contents: AcknowledgementsForeword by David and Dr Alice KolbForeword by David HopkinsVirtuous and Purposeful LeadershipSurvival and Growth in a Turbulent WorldBusiness and its Broken ParadigmBreakthrough Insights at the IntersectionFocussed Attention — First Dimension of Leadership's Futures MindsetCollaborative Spirit — Second Dimension of Leadership's Futures MindsetCollective Wisdom — Third Dimension of Leadership's Futures MindsetBeing Present Part 1 — Practice of Developing SelfBeing Present Part 2 — Practice of Excelling at WorkBeing Good Part 1 — Practice of Taking a Strengths-Based Perspective to Personal and Organisational ChangeBeing Good Part 2 — Practice of Using Positive Emotions to Lead an Authentic LifeBeing in Touch Part 1 — Practice of Engaging Diverse Intelligences When Responding to Life's ChallengesBeing in Touch Part 2 — Practice of Understanding and Managing Self and OthersBeing Creative Part 1 — Practice of Recrafting Strategic Performance in Changing TimesBeing Creative Part 2 — Practice of Having a Prescient ViewBeing Inclusive Part 1 — Practice of World CitizenryBeing Inclusive Part 2 — Practice of Culturally Contingent LeadershipListening to Practitioners' Voices and Learning from What They are Saying
Readership: Business professional, managers, practitioners, scholars and academics in leadership. Leadership;Strategy;Paradigm;Adaptiveness;Mindfulness;Strengths Based Perspectives;VUCA;Post-Truth World;Mindsets;Collaborative Spirit;Collective Wisdom;Extended Personality;Motivation;Progress Principle;Flow;Gamification;Resilience;Positive Psychology;Experiential Learning;Neuroscience;Intercultural Learning;Scenarios0Key Features:Interdisciplinary evidence and concepts encompassing management, psychology, neuroscience, and intercultural learningConceptualises leadership as a virtuous undertaking — five ways of being that incorporate practices and actions that lead to human flourishing
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