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Barbara Cartland

Love Forbidden

Having watched her dissolute father squander the family’s fortune on his disreputable and extravagant lifestyle, young flame-haired beauty Aria Milborne despises the empty glamour of Society.
So she is dismayed when she is forced take a job with an American millionaire in order to save the beloved family home, Queen’s Folly, where her brother, Charles, works night and day to make ends meet.
Appalled by Dart Huron’s arrogance and the behaviour of his spoilt film star floozy Lulu Carlo, who is desperately trying to marry him, Aria finds herself at loggerheads with her new employer while being pursued relentlessly by his amorous aristocratic friend, Lord BAuckleigh.
When Dart offers Aria a fortune to agree to a pretend engagement designed to free him from the grasping Lulu, she finds herself emblazoned across the Press throughout the land to her shame and humiliation.
Her heart fills with hate for the dashing Dart Huron until the news that he has been shot almost stops her own heart and she understands that this is not hate at all —
This is love.
267 printed pages
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Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd.
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  • fatimahj07shared an impression5 years ago

    Badly written - there is no connection between hate 1 minute and love the next. It felt as if she needed to wind the story up...

  • Elizabeth Amernashared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    🔮Hidden Depths
    💡Learnt A Lot
    💞Loved Up

  • Atina Matthewsshared an impression7 years ago
    💞Loved Up


  • fatimahj07has quoted5 years ago
    And what would tomorrow bring her? She heard again that harsh cold note in Dart Huron’s voice and felt herself shiver. It had made her angry at the time and yet now, in retrospect, there was something slightly sinister about it.

    Was he cruel? she wondered. As cruel as his Indian forbears had been? She felt suddenly afraid.
  • Agnieszka Sapinskahas quoted8 years ago
    way announced,

    “The gentlemen from the Press to see you, sir!”

    Dart Huron looked up in surprise. Aria, stunned as she was by the blow from Lulu’s hand and angry with a kind of almost smouldering fury which seemed to be seeping like a crimson tide through her blood, could not help but notice the strangeness of the expression on Lulu’s face.

    Six men were ushered into the room. Three of them carried cameras, the others were quite obviously reporters. They came forward until they reached the group of three people standing in front of the fireplace and then the eldest amongst them appeared to take the initiative.

    “Good morning, Mr. Huron!”

    “I am surprised to see you, gentlemen,” Dart Huron replied. “You certainly wasted no time in getting here, although I cannot quite understand how the information could have reached you even before the arrival of the doctor.”

    “The doctor!”

    The press men looked puzzled and two of them looked at each other obviously in bewilderment. One of the photographers was smiling at Lulu Carlo, his fingers already busy with his camera, whilst, almost instinctively it seemed to Aria, Lulu was standing in an extremely photogenic position.

    The press man’s question, however, seemed to check Dart Huron in what he was about to say.

    “One moment,” he said. “Perhaps we have this wrong. Would you like to tell me why you have come here? I’ve met some of you before, of course. You, I think, are from The Daily Express?” he said, speaking to the elderly man.

    “That’s right,” was the reply. “And my colleagues are from The Daily Mail and The Sketch. I daresay another bunch will soon be waiting for you outside. We rather hoped that we should be first in the field.”

    “What field and for what reason?” Dart Huron asked.

    “Now come, Mr. Huron. You know the answer to that,” the man from The Daily Express said. “We have been expecting this for some time, of course but, when we were told the announcement was to be made some time this week, we had to come and see you in

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