Mary Hance

99 Things to Save Money in Your Household Budget

If there ever was a time to find creative ways to do more with less, that time is now. 99 Things to Save Money in Your Household Budget shows you how to save money with a new way of thinking and prioritizing.
The “doing more with less’’ mentality is easier said than done. Mary Hance (The Tennessean’s “ Ms. Cheap” columnist) offers simple tips and tactics to help creatively stretch your hard-earned dollars, allowing you to be who you are and do what you enjoy without going beyond your means. Learn how to: have a budget—how to sit down and figure your worth and what you spend; keep in mind that nothing is a bargain if you don’t need it; use a credit card to your fiscal advantage; take advantage of garage sales for home improvement and adding to your wardrobe; go green to save green—how less power usage is good for both the environment and your wallet; and much more.
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