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Hello. I'm so delighted you made the choice to pick up The Book (not that I ever doubted you). Every time I sat down and toiled away at this I tried to imagine the people who would read it. When you isolate yourself from the whole of humanity there isn't much else left to do. Frankly, I thought there'd be more of you by now. It looks like you're all really going to take things down to the wire on this one. I couldn't be more thrilled about you though! You seem like someone who has their head on straight, so to speak. Someone who cares about what's going on in the world around them, the general direction of humanity and whatnot. You'll be able to figure this whole thing out, I just know it. Nothing would make me happier than sharing this with someone who can truly understand everything that's at stake here. Don't wait another moment to begin. You all need to be brought up to speed immediately. The fate of this world depends on it.
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