Charles Carleton Coffin

Old Times in the Colonies

“Old Times in the Colonies” is an outline of some of the principal events that transpired during the colonial period of our country, and portrays the hardships and sufferings of those who laid the foundations of a new empire. It will show how the Old World laws, habits, and customs were gradually changed; how the grand ideas of Freedom and the Rights of Man took root and flourished. It covers the period from the discovery and settlement of America to the Revolutionary War.
Discovery of San Salvador
Forces of Civilization
First Settlements
The Wise Fool of England and His Times
The Beginning of Two Civilizations
How Beaver-skins and Tobacco Helped on Civilization
The Pilgrims
First Years at Plymouth
Settlement of New Hampshire, New York, and Canada
The Puritan Beginning
The Puritans Take Possession of New England
Island and New Hampshire
Affairs at Manhattan
The Struggle for Liberty in England, and How It Affected America
The Quakers
The End of Dutch Rule in America
The Times of Charles II King Philip's War Louis Frontenac in Canada
Governor Berkeley and the Virginians
How the King Took Away the Charters of the Colonies
King William's War New Jersey and Maryland
Settlement of Pennsylvania
The Legacy of Blood
Maine and New Hampshire
The Carolinas
The Negro Tragedy
The Beginning of a Great Struggle
Defeat or General Braddock
The Emperor or Austria's Will
Incompetent and Cowardly Generals
Two Civilizations
The Destiny of an Empire
403 printed pages
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