Marcus Borg

Jesus and Buddha

Side-by-side examples that let you discover the teachings of Jesus and Buddha—and the striking similarities between them.
This stunning collection is perfect for those curious about the influential teachers Jesus and Buddha, and their lessons of peace, love, patience, and kindness. Witness as two of the most holy beings meet in a thought-provoking encounter of the spirit. 
Compare the Bible verse: “Jesus knew all people and needed no one to testify about anyone; for he himself knew what was in everyone” (John 2.24–25) to the Buddhist scripture: “He was expert in knowing the thoughts and actions of living beings” (Vimalakirtinirdesha Sutra 2).
Written by a renowned New Testament scholar and national bestselling author, and with an introduction by Jack Kornfield, Jesus and Buddha is a timeless testament to what makes us similar rather than different. With over 100 examples presented side by side, this is a perfect book for anyone interested in Christianity, Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation, and all ways of seeking enlightenment.
67 printed pages
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Ulysses Press
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