Jack James

How to Let Your Parents Raise a Millionaire

Jack James is an ordinary kid. At the age of 10 his mom encouraged him to start his own business. He decided to write a book to encourage other kids who are thinking about starting a business. Jack’s book is written from one kid to another. In How to Let Your Parents Raise a Millionaire Jack tells other kids the story of how he started his business, Jack’s Garbage Valet, He explains how easy and fun it can be and explains exactly why other kids should strive to become entrepreneurs. Jack’s book is full of kid-friendly business plans, fl­yers, invoices, and more to help any kid start their own business in 5 days! There are plenty of great books out there about kids and business. This book is different; it is the unique story of how one kid did it. It’s Jack’s story. It is personal, practical, easy to read, encouraging and fun. You'll discover things any kid can learn by starting their own business, such as learning self-confidence without arrogance; learning the word “No” is just a part of business — that “No” does not mean “I don’t like you.” By reading How to Let Your Parents Raise a Millionaire, you’ll make money and learn how to save. You’ll help people and see how giving back can make you feel special…And Much More!
145 printed pages
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