Lea The Healer

In the Hands of Time

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What if you had the opportunity to go back in time and relive your life differently? What if you were able to go back in time or to the future for that matter, and live someone else's life, while still maintaining your identity and knowledge? What if the World ended, many times, without having any impact on you?
And what if you were able to go back in time or to the future and influence change, not change history as we know it, but individual change; maybe not even yours, but change for the better, would you take the opportunity to do it?
And what if immortality was available to you by choice? Would you contemplate living forever? Or, would you choose to live life for as long as you were destined to live it?
How far would you go to manipulate time, if there was no sense of time? What if you could travel to other times, and other Planets?
If you were able to meet your children before they were born. Meet your ancestors who had passed away hundreds of years ago; or bring someone back in time, who should have been deceased for a hundred years.
And what if your spouse passed away years ago? Only to rediscover him years later, and fall in love all over again.
If time never ran out, what would you do with your time?
Like everything in life; In the Hands of Time, begins out slowly and picks up stellar speed
Life can become a fairy tale, or a nightmare.
The choice is yours.
But the options are limitless.
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