Imogen Edwards-Jones

The Witches of St. Petersburg

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'Sumptuous, sexy and haunting' Santa Montefiore.

Brimming with black magic, sex and intrigue, a gorgeous historical novel for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Santa Montefiore.

The Russian Empire is on the verge of collapse. Revolution is in the air. The starving stalk the streets of St Petersburg and yet the Imperial Court still commute between their estates and organise their lavish balls.

Two sisters arrive in the city. Princesses from Montenegro; they are famed for their wild beauty and mystical powers. Initially ridiculed and outcast as the daughters of a provincial 'Goat King', they react in the only way they know how. They befriend the isolated Tsarina Alexandra and, using their gifts, they help her in her increasingly desperate quest to give birth to a son and heir. The circle closes. The girls are the gateway. Gurus, clairvoyants, holy fools and charlatans all try their luck. Then in one last, doomed, throw of the dice, the sisters introduce Rasputin into the Russian Court…

Based on the true story of the lives of Princess Militza and Princess Anastasia of Montenegro during the dying days of the Russian Empire, The Witches of St Petersburg is a tale of love, lust, power and betrayal at the heart of the Romanov Court.

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    Anya Zaitsevahas quoted10 months ago
    Rasputin is a vessel like Pandora’s Box, which contains all the vices, crimes and filth of the Russian people. Should the vessel be broken we will see its dreadful contents spill themselves across Russia.
    Lourdes Ríoshas quotedlast year
    Militza sighed. What were they doing here, two sisters so far from home? How could their father have done this? She couldn’t help but think how cruel it was to be born a woman, how cruel it was to be powerless and unable to decide one’s own fate. However, she said nothing, did nothing, except continue to stare out of the window and try to quell her own misgivings.

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