The Man Who Robbed the Pierre, Ira Berkow
Ira Berkow

The Man Who Robbed the Pierre

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s true account of the thief behind the famed 1972 heist is “an engrossing crime biography and a fast-paced romp” (Kirkus Reviews).
Growing up in Rochester, New York, Bobby Comfort wanted to be a good something. He turned out to be great at being a criminal.
In January 1972, men in tuxedos robbed the Pierre, the luxurious Manhattan hotel, and got away with eleven million dollars’ worth of cash and jewelry. The police were baffled by how such a large-scale operation could go off so smoothly. The answer lay in the leader of the thieves, a man by the name of Bobby Comfort. He had taken to crime from a young age with card sharping and petty theft. Eventually, taking money from the rich was where he excelled. Sort of like Robin Hood—except for the part where he kept the loot himself—Comfort masterminded what was, at the time, the most lucrative heist in history, while appearing to his neighbors like an ordinary suburban family man.
In this blend of insightful biography and true crime, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ira Berkow chronicles the story, using first-hand accounts to weave together a fascinating portrait of a criminal and “a corking good cops-and-robbers tale” (Library Journal).
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