Jann Rowland

Open Your Eyes

When Elizabeth Bennet meets with Mr. Wickham in Meryton, he informs her of his past dealings with Mr. Darcy. During the course of this conversation, Elizabeth realizes that Mr. Wickham is perhaps not all he seems to be and that there may be more to the man than amiable manners and a handsome countenance.

Though she decides she does not want to be involved with either of the men, she finds that it is not easy to extricate herself from the situation. One of the men turns out to be strangely compelling, and the other is intent upon inducing her to acknowledge that his version of events is correct. The further she is drawn into their intrigues, the more Elizabeth realizes that she may have misjudged the situation . . . and that her powers of observation might not be completely faultless in all cases.

This tale of love and courtship tells the story of what might have happened had Elizabeth only opened her eyes and used some of her vaunted ability to sketch characters shortly after the beginning of her acquaintance with Mr. Wickham and Mr. Darcy.
327 printed pages
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    Elin Eriksenshared an impression4 years ago

    This is a quiet book with a lot of reflection and dialog but little action. Unfortunatly it lacks in passion an excitement.

    It is pride and prejudice without the misunderstandings where everybody seems a bit wiser than conon except for Wickham.

    Iranya Lunashared an impression2 years ago
    🙈Lost On Me

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