Raffles, Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman

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    ksynonymhas quoted6 years ago
    "It's not only been the best time I ever had, old Bunny, but I'm not half sure—"
    Of what I can but guess; the sentence was not finished, and never could be in this world.
    ksynonymhas quoted6 years ago
    "It was I who let you in for this," he said, at his bandolier again.
    "No, I'm glad I came out."
    And I believe I still was, in a way; for it WAS rather fine to be wounded, just then, with the pain growing less; but the sensation was not to last me many minutes, and I can truthfully say that I have never felt it since.
    "Ah, but you haven't had such a good time as I have!"
    "Perhaps not."
    Had his voice vibrated, or had I imagined it?
    ksynonymhas quoted6 years ago
    He was talking all the time, but for my sake, and I knew it. Can you wonder that I could not see an inch beyond him? He was the battle to me then; he is the whole war to me as I look back now.
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