Only One Winner

Stanson's scheme was audacious in its scope: highjack a space liner, kill the passengers and crew, and then live off the rich pickings for years to come. They won't even have to leave the well-stocked craft--and the security forces can never locate them in the void between the worlds. But Leahry, another ex-con, knows that everything has to go “just right” for the plan to succeed; and when things begin to go awry, the only option is to flee the ship in a rescue pod. The pair still have enough loot to live well--but if two can live comfortably, why, just one can live very well indeed! Here are four of Tubb's finest future crime stories--logical, relentless, and utterly without mercy! Plus, the author's never-before-published Guest of Honor speech at the 1970 World Science Fiction Convention!
173 printed pages
Original publication

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