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We're with Nobody

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We're With Nobody is a thrilling, eye-opening insider’s view of a little-known facet of the political campaign process: the multi-million dollar opposition research industry, or “oppo” as it’s called.  For sixteen years authors Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian have been digging up dirt on political candidates across the country, from presidential appointees to local school board hopefuls. We're With Nobody is a fascinating, riveting, sometimes funny, sometimes shocking look at the unseen side of political campaigning—a remarkable chronicle of a year in the life of two guys on a dedicated hunt to uncover the buried truths that every American voter has a right to know.

Review“It's very well written and very entertaining. If you want to get a sense of how this stuff operates, this is a great way to do it.” — Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show”

“Whether they're typical voters, hardened political junkies or would-be candidates who have unflattering college-days photos posted on Facebook, readers' perceptions of campaign rhetoric and advertising will be changed by this book.” --Pittsburg Tribune

“…a clean memoir of a filthy business is a welcome perspective shift: It illuminates without slaking our blood thirst… The authors contribute something more valuable by exposing the mechanics behind their profession.” --Brett Berk, Businessweek

«There is humor and personality in every paragraph of We're with Nobody. The writing is intelligent, detailed, and intimate… I did not want the book to end. I wanted to know where we were going next.” — New York Journal of Books

«If you could in some way take the best parts of your favorite political memoir and blend it perfectly with the most engaging political thriller you've ever read, then you would likely come up with something akin to We're With Nobody.» — Jackson Free Press

“This book floored me. I could not stop reading about the strange, dark world that helps determine who we elect and who sinks back into the muck. It is phenomenal; for me politics will never be the same.” (SEBASTIAN JUNGER, author of War and The Perfect Storm )

“A bright romp … A good book for anyone who has wondered how scandalous past behavior makes its way into campaign headlines.” (Kirkus Reviews )

“This timely book lifts the curtain on political research to find dirt on opponents.” (Publishers Weekly )
From the AuthorThe best endorsement for our book is the Feb. 20, 2012, edition of “The Daily Show.” Not surprisingly, Jon Stewart got the book's unique vantage point and our intent in writing it. (You can watch the episode on the show's website; the link is listed on our own werewithnobody website.)
Otherwise: Troublemakers. That's how most people view us, and it's true, trouble does sometimes follow in our wake. We're what's known as oppo guys — independent political researchers hired by campaigns to find out about their opponents, and about themselves. Say you're running for office. You hire us to find out everything there is to know about the opposing candidate, good and bad. Then we look at you, so you'll know what the other side's oppo guys are finding out, and how it could be used against you.
We roam the U.S. from coast to coast during campaign seasons, searching for the truth about the people who want to represent you, and us, in government. We're attracted to trouble. It's our job to find it. But we don't manufacture it — that's for others do. Our job is to  try to find out what makes individual politicians tick —  presidential appointments, congressional candidates, would-be governors, candidates for local school boards.
We've learned much in the process, about what people in power do right and what they do wrong, and about how their constituents view their behavior. For us, it's all about the facts. We document precisely what those leaders and would-be leaders have done and are doing now, to make it easier for voters to envision what they'll do in the future. In an era when the truth seems sadly malleable in politics, our reliance on old-timey facts makes us a bit of a throwback. But we still think the truth matters, and fortunately, finding it can be wildly entertaining.
The point is this: You, as a voter, do not have to be with anybody. Sure, you're going to cast your votes for the candidates you support, but you don't have to blindly cast your lot with anyone or any group. You can be a Democrat or a Republican, but that doesn't mean you have to support hypocrites, scofflaws or criminals. You can determine the truth, and vote accordingly. Really, it's that simple. We can show you how. And if you happen to be running for office, we'll be happy to research you and your opponent, with an objective eye, so you can see yourselves, and your record, just as the voters will. It may sound strange, but many political candidates can't do that on their own, nor can their campaigns. They're too close to the action. They're with someone, lock, stock and barrel. That's why they need someone who isn't.
As we travel the nation piecing together the intricate riddle of politics, never knowing where we'll end up, we like to think of ourselves like those two guys in the old “Route 66” TV show, roaming the country in a drop-top Corvette, getting involved in bizarre and telling episodes and meeting interesting people along the way. OK, we're a bit older and driving in a rented Hyundai, but there's no shortage of stories about the back roads and back rooms of America.
While we are technically with someone in the sense that we provide our opposition research reports to the campaigns that hire us — which are primarily Democrat, we would be useless if we weren't objective in our assessments. Still, as independent researchers we are, essentially, with nobody. We do not name names. We're here to share what we've learned about politics in America while on a long road trip that no one else would ever take. We hope you'll enjoy the ride.
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