Marshall Thomas

Crazy Into You

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More than 60% of men said they’d disqualify a woman from marriage consideration if her level of sexual prowess was less than ‘good’. 87% of survey respondents chose long hair over short as their general preference in terms of attractiveness in a woman. Approximately 80% of respondents would be interested in a serious relationship, or more, with a woman who embodied all of their most desired traits.

So, if men aren’t really afraid to commit, and do seem to know what they want, what exactly causes a man to choose, fall for, commit to, and stay with a particular woman over another? Why is it so difficult for some women to attract the consistent dating and relationship success they desire?

New research reminds us that romance is a competition.

Men rate women against their peers, and their level of attraction, both initial and ongoing, is related to her ranking. A woman’s relative standing on four main traits, both individually and cumulatively, directly affects her romantic success. ‘Crazy Into You’, written from a distinctly male perspective, offers a compelling, candid look into male romantic motivation, compiling survey research from hundreds of men to elucidate exactly how men rank, qualify, and disqualify women, and making the primary reason for dating and relationship underachievement and failure clearly evident.

This knowledge allows women to go beyond simply recognizing ‘he’s not that into you’ behaviors, to understand exactly why men behave the way they do romantically, and how this impacts their own romantic fortunes. ‘Crazy Into You’ also highlights ways women can improve their standing, thus making themselves more attractive to a higher percentage of men in general, and to higher-caliber men in particular. Furthermore, 'Crazy Into You' helps women distinguish high-quality men from their commonplace peers, enabling women to use their newly expanded options wisely to attract and keep the best men possible.

‘Crazy Into You’ gives women the knowledge and understanding needed to bring better romantic outcomes into their lives.
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