Joanne Rock

Claiming His Secret Heir

USA Today–Bestselling Author: He won his wife’s heart once . . . Can he do it again?
When Caroline McNeill shows up outside her husband’s mansion, she claims to have no memory of the past year . . . or their passion-filled honeymoon. But faking amnesia is the only way Caroline can find out if Damon was behind her abduction. She needs to trust him—a man she craves but still barely knows—before she can tell him about their infant son. Did the Silicon Valley mogul merely marry to claim an inheritance and then dispose of her? Or is what they share real and forever?
Praise for the series
“Each book has a definitive romance that burns hot and bright, while the continuing story arc of finding a wife and meeting the inheritance deadline ties each book together, and keeps readers wanting more.” —RT Book Reviews
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