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A frozen gust passes by… The muscles in his hand grasp his mountaineering ice axe. He looks up, the mountain stands right in front of him. “Let's go and take that summit!”. The assault is on, the man rushes to the giant with a single target in mind: the conquest.
If you have a similar mindset, if you want to see each and every goal of yours reached, you’ve come to the right place.
Conquer Instagram Book 2 is the book that you need to succeed on this social network. You’ll discover how to develop your community and create engagement as well as how to reach new audiences and make a living from your passions.
In this second of a three books series, you’ll discover Instagram’s secret strategies on a practical side: build an active audience and boost your business has never been so easy. With the right habits, you have the power to reach your goals.
Said another way, you’re going to take action wisely and avoid the traps in which 95% of people fall into. A real catalyzer to your ultimate goal.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this book:

✅ How to create highly profitable advertisement
✅ The UpOrg technique to take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm.
✅ As step-by-step method to exploit your data and skyrocket your visibility
✅ How to attract big partnerships the way major influencers secretly do
✅ A strategy to invite your favorite brands to work with you
✅ A photography class to master efficiently professional photographers’ tricks
✅ All the necessary tools to edit and customize your photos
✅ How to make a living out of a few thousands followers account
And so much more…
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Exercises to practice photography easily yet super efficiently

Tools to follow up precisely your advertising campaigns !
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