Tim Akers

Dead of Veridon

The conclusion to the Burn Cycle is “an engaging, page-turning read . . . [for] those who enjoy their steampunk tech with a high dose of technofantasy” (
The city of Veridon used Jacob Burn horribly. The Council, the Church, even his family betrayed his trust, and still Burn risked everything to save their lives. For his sacrifice, he lost his tenuous ties to lawful society, his place in the criminal underworld, and the only woman he ever loved. Now, to survive, Burn runs small-time jobs, like his latest gig, delivering a seemingly innocuous package to the Fehn.
The Fehn are a symbiotic race that dwell peacefully under the murky Reine River, colonizing any body that slips beneath its dark waters. But moments after Burn makes his delivery, swarms of dead Fehn clog the Reine. More terrifying are the horde of pearl-white cogdead Fehn who still walk, crawling out of the river to violently ransack the city.
Once again, Burn is responsible for Veridon’s survival, and the Fehn are just one of many threats the city suddenly faces. Burn thought he had nothing to lose, but protecting Veridon could cost him the one thing he has left . . . his life.
“Very fast-moving, full of action, color, and invention . . . It is fun, and it is interesting, and it sets a template for what could be an ongoing series in the noir detective/action fashion.” —SF Site
“Just when you think you know what’s going on, suddenly you’re not so sure. Akers writes a mean action sequence as well which stirs things up beautifully.” —Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review
339 printed pages
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