Nathan Eddy

Fresh From the Word 2016

Fresh From the Word: the Bible for a Change will inspire your reading of the Bible in a changing world. Bringing together top theologians and biblical scholars, cutting-edge church leaders, activists for peace and justice and a range of creative Christian writers of different nationalities, Fresh From the Word 2016 offers 366 sets of notes, prayers and suggestions for action on biblical themes. This year, you are invited on a journey of navigation and exploration. Navigating good and evil is the theme for Lent. Other themes throughout the year include: the sensual (Feasting with God, Seeing the Spirit of God), the social (The Bible with the Saints), the spiritual (Prayer) and the political (Witness to the Light). There are also readings from Luke (the lectionary text for the liturgical year), 1 and 2 Chronicles, 1 John and Ephesians.Editor Nathan Eddy has worked in the UK as a university chaplain and as a parish minister with the United Reformed Church, and as a journalist in the United States. Now studying for a doctorate in the Psalms, he lives in London with his wife Clare, their two daughters, two cats and several bicycles.
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