Stan Fairbanks

The Cure

Destroyed Lives. A Mysterious Death. And a Cover-Up That Impacts the World

The daughter of drug-addicted parents, Amy Spenser has amazingly grown into an intelligent, compassionate, and drug-free young woman. Her passion is helping those in need, in-between checking on her welfare abusing parents to be sure they haven't died from an overdose. Her research to find new ways of treating illnesses using the “God-given” properties of plants takes a new turn when her grandfather is diagnosed with brain cancer.

Amy and her friends race across the world to discover the cure for cancer before she loses the only father figure she's had in her life. But if facing the thought of losing someone she loves isn't bad enough, dealing with the mounting medical bills devastates her family just when her grandfather is at his lowest.

Then she finds what she's been looking for; not just a cure for cancer, THE CURE.

But when a big pharmaceutical company gets involved, Amy isn't sure if it is just the help they need to change the lives of millions across the world or a wrong turn into something darker, especially when her amazing cure is proven to be a false hope during the initial trials. Amy knows that can't be true, but why would a company dedicated to saving lives quash the best chance at a cancer cure to be discovered? And if there really is a conspiracy, how deep does it go?

Amy struggles to find the answers, but can she prove Big Pharma is only out to make a profit on treating symptoms rather than curing illnesses before someone else she loves dies from the same disease?

Pick up the Cure and begin Stan Fairbanks's debut novel of a medical thriller that will take you through a gamut of mystery and suspense to leave you questioning the results of your next health checkup. Readers are saying, “I have to have a sequel!” and “I couldn't put it down until I got to the last page!” Every reader will be able to identify with the book's characters, the hint of romance, the health insurance debacle, and big pharmaceutical's greed in this high impact fiction thriller.

Read the Cure today on kindle unlimited or paperback and discover which is more important money or life?
374 printed pages
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