Imelda Stark

Four Tamings: A Novel of Erotic Domination

The dramatic conclusion to the four novel Obsession Series. Grace Madsen has finally overcome her sexual repression in the arms of nightclub owner Jim Jefferson. However, their happy life in Chicago abruptly ends when she sees the grotesque horns of a demon named Lucius Barrington. After insinuating himself into her life, Barrington claims Grace as the Mother of all Evil from whose womb the AntiChrist will be born. Grace boldly tries to reject her past beliefs and fears, but visions of the demon and the sound of his voice continue to torment her. By entering into a stricter Master/slave relationship with Jim Jefferson, Grace hopes her fears of satanic possession will recede. While Jefferson, in an effort to please the woman he loves, agrees to set Grace's sensuality free by increasing her sessions of discipline and offering her a job as the new Hostess of Obsessions. There, Jefferson displays her nude, wearing nipple jewelry, sheer stockings and a penetrating GString panty, while patrons pass her from lap to lap, and that is just the beginning. Despite Jefferson's efforts on Grace's behalf, Barrington continues to exert his control over her. Will Jefferson accept the shattered psyche of the woman he loves or return the dark “killing place” to do the one thing he can that may restore Grace to sanity?
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