Little Big Man, Thomas Berger
Thomas Berger

Little Big Man

722 printed pages
From kidnapped child to Cheyenne brave to General Custer’s aide, no hero in the West had such a time as Little Big Man

Jack Crabb sits in his nursing home, 111 years old and ready to spin a yarn. He’s the last surviving western hero, a frontier original with a knack for stumbling into history. After his family was killed in a raid, Crabb was raised as an Indian, learning to ride, hunt, fight, and kill like the proudest of Cheyenne warriors. For the rest of his life, he slipped back and forth between the worlds of the Cheyenne and the white men, watching 1 half of his people extinguish the other, bit by bit. From the moment he 1st learned to notch a bow to the bloody day known as Custer’s Last Stand, Little Big Man lived the wildest life in the Wild West.
An utterly original novel, Little Big Man is considered one of the funniest Westerns ever written and a classic of American literature.

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