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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

“Who Else Wants To Fully Understand And Enhance Their Emotional Intelligence?”


In this book, get to know Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions and other dyads that result from a combination of the basic emotions.
Learn the theories of emotions. Do you get angry before you tremble? Do you smile before feeling happy?
Why do we have emotions? Get to know the intrapersonal, interpersonal, and sociocultural purposes of emotions.
Where does Emotional Intelligence fall under Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences?
EQ and IQ are always pitted against each other, but each has its own limitation where the strength of the other lies. Neither EQ nor IQ test can determine your success in life, but why take them?
How is your emotional competence? Get to know a detailed description of the five dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and their subsets. Which competencies do you currently have? Which should you have?
What are the implications of Low EQ? Even though you don’t take an EQ test, low EQ will always be apparent.
Get the know illnesses and personality disorders related to EQ and how to manage them: emotional blindness, emotional blunting, reactive attachment disorder, narcissism, high-functioning autism, depression, bipolar disorder, antisocial disorder, and anxiety disorders.
Can emotional intelligence really determine your success and failure in life?
There are four levels of readiness to go through successful behavior change. Where are you currently?

This guide is based on Emotional Intelligence pioneer Daniel Goleman and can be used for both academic and practical purposes.

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