Alana Church

Incest Sorority

Delta Alpha Chi is the most
prestigious sorority at Darien University. But it has secrets. Dark secrets.
And when young Sloan Crosby learns what she has to do to get in to DAX, the revelations are huge, both for herself and for her parents, who have a history
they have never shared with her or her brother. Because Sloan wants to join the “Incest Sorority!”

Excerpt ~~~~~

“Do you want to screw me,
Sebastian?” Claire whispered. Her tongue ran over her lips. “I am so turned on right now.” She giggled. “It makes me feel…naughty.”

Through the thundering of his
blood, Sebastian clung to sanity. “What about what you were just talking
about?” he managed to say. “About stable relationships?”

“Oh, my relationship is
stable.” She took his hand and put it on her breast. Arcing into his hesitant
touch, she whispered. “It’s also open.”


Her body was molded to his.
Despite the pounding in his groin, he noticed how they were almost the same
height. Her body rubbed against him teasingly, then slid away as he shuddered.

“It’s open,” she repeated.
Her finger drew spiral patterns on his shirt. “I guess you could say it’s an open polyamorous triad. Myself, my…and my two lovers. One male, one female.

“We agreed, years ago, that
we could each take other lovers, if we wished. But we don’t, very often.”

She swallowed tears
glimmering in her jade-green eyes. “We’re very, very happy. But I doubt I will
ever be able to openly acknowledge what I have. People wouldn’t accept it.

“Change happen,” he replied.
“Slowly, but it happens. Remember, gay marriage was a pipe dream ten years

“True.” One hand dropped to his crotch and stroked him through his slacks. “But I don’t want to talk about
that now. I want to see you,” she whispered in his ear. “All of you.” She tilted her head towards a door. “My bedroom’s right through there.” Her eyes
were wide and avid, her chest falling rapidly. “I’m so wet,” she said. Her teeth fastened on his earlobe, giving him a sharp nip. “Oh, God. Da…” she caught herself. “My boyfriend is going to be so cross with me when he finds out about this. He might make my punishment extra special.”

She hiked the hem of her
dress up. Sebastian’s eyes widened as he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No one will bother us while
I’m supposed to be interviewing you. Come on, Sebastian.” She turned around,
grinding her rear on his erection. “Don’t you want to screw?”

This is nuts. But his body
was responding. There was something about Claire’s open, naked lust, her undisguised and slightly kinky randiness, that turned him on.

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“How long has it been?”

“Long enough.”

She turned around, her fingers undoing his belt.
“Yeah,” she said, as she pulled his pants down. As she undressed him, her face
sank to crotch-level, and she eyed the evidence of his erection admiringly.
“I’d say that’s long enough.” She giggled. “Even for me.

“Come on. Out of those

Before he could lose his courage, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the side, then kicked off his
shoes, so Claire could pull his pants off. He stood on one foot, then the other, as she took off his socks. Lastly, with an inner gulp, he removed his boxers, until he was standing naked in front of one of the most beautiful girls
he had ever seen.

“This way,” she whispered,
pointing to the door. She set her hand on his shoulder as she followed him.

He opened the door and took a
step inside.

Then stopped, staring, blood
rushing to his face in horrified mortification. The click as the door closed
and locked behind him barely registered.


They stared at each other.

“What are you doing here?”
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