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The Total Poker Manual

Play like a pro with this guide full of strategies, tactics, and techniques from the experts!
Eileen Sutton has been writing about—and winning at!—poker for over a decade. Now she joins with the experts at Card Player magazine to demystify the game and detail everything you need to know, whether you’re sitting down to a friendly kitchen-table game or hoping to compete in the high-stakes world of multimillion dollar tournaments. The Total Poker Manual is packed with the strategies, tactics, and techniques needed to beat opponents in Texas Hold’em, Draw and Stud.
From the basics of each type of game and the hands needed to win, to insider tips such as specific strategies for different versions and how to beat the odds, these skills and many more are accompanied by some of the most fascinating poker stories in history, from the riverboat gamblers to today’s international stars players. Detailed sections cover how to play online, in casinos, and in tournaments large or small, as well as how to run a game for fun at home. You’ll also get insider tips from the following poker experts:
Vanessa Selbts • Linda Johnson • Matt Matros • Jennifer Harman • Ed Miller • Mario Ho • Xuan Liu • Leo Margets • Jared Tendler • Randy Lew • Tommy Angelo • Brian Rast • Kelly Minkin • James Sweeney
Learn something new, improve your poker game and walk away a winner!
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Weldon Owen
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