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The Children's Book of London

298 printed pages
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  • Pavel Gladkovhas quoted3 years ago
    King Edward was frightened when he heard of this, and travelled north to quell the disturbance. And Warwick, who was in the north himself, seized him and made him prisoner. It was very bold of him to make the King prisoner in his own country. Now there were two kings in England both prisoners—Edward in Yorkshire and Henry in London. However, King Edward was not the sort of man to remain in prison long, and he soon escaped, and Warwick had to fly to France.
  • Pavel Gladkovhas quoted3 years ago
    He told Edward that these men were bad men, and were plotting against him, and he said that it was for his safety he had seized them
  • Pavel Gladkovhas quoted3 years ago
    hey dared not ask how it was that he, a man in the prime of life, had died so suddenly, for their father looked very stern, and their uncle Richard seemed pretending to be sorry.
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