Fun Rhymes and Silly Lines, Sandra Staines
Sandra Staines

Fun Rhymes and Silly Lines

30 printed pages
‘Fun Rhymes and Silly Lines’ is a collection of nonsense verse with fun sounding rhymes which older children can read on their own and parents can enjoy reading to their younger children.

Trizzle, Tockle, Tick and Tan / Were very brave, to a man / Out into the deepest forest they did go / Seeking out the Grungible Ikto / This was a beast of legend of old /Many a story of it had been told / It has twenty nine fingers / And thirty six toes / And leaves huge craters /Everywhere it goes / Boys and girls it eats for snacks / Mums and dads get popped in its sack
To be munched and crunched /And devoured later / After a starter of egrets and alligator / The Grungible Ikto’s breath / Is as foul as the deepest cesspit /Its hairy arms are slimy and wet /Its teeth are rotten, a complete mess / And when it belches, thunder rolls /Trizzle, Tockle, Tick and Tan / Were out to get this beast / And drive him from their land
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