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Managing Male Ageing. It's not just the women who get it. The men get it too The challenges of ageing. This book addresses the impact and explains the treatments. Take charge. Be in control. Today

Men are living longer today but many find that they do not have the energy or capability to enjoy this extra bit of life. Advancing age does not mean having to slow down because one is older. With knowledge, awareness and better care of his body, a man can extend his physical, mental and sexual capability and have so many more fulfilling and active years.

Managing Male Ageing is about healthy aging in men; it is not a book about diseases. It examines the problems that affect a man’s quality of life and how to deal with them. Covering general aspects of aging and andropause, sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, physical problems like urinary issues and common concerns like balding, weak bones, obesity, poor vision and hearing, as well as memory loss, it is a book with all the information men need to stay healthy and get more life out of their years.
168 printed pages


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