Laura Lovecraft

Welcome To The Circle

A full length BDSM romance featuring hardcore sex and an intriguing storyline!

CEO Justine Bates, software mogul Alex Warner, attorney Mark Phillips and fashion model Victoria Redding have a lot in common. They’re beautiful, wealthy, and powerful, each at the top of their profession. To the public they’re the people the everyday person loves to hate, but longs to be. What the public doesn’t see is as the Lady Scarlett, Orion the Hunter, Lovecraft and The Lady Felicia they’re also ranking members of a very powerful group.

The Circle; A secret sect comprised of true alphas. To gain entry one must be dominant in every facet of life, especially sexually. Ruling the boardroom as well as the bedroom, the group exists for two purposes, the further advancement of all its members and bedroom games. In their case, sexual mastery is truly the tie that binds.

For Justine life is sweet. In addition to her personal success, as Lady Scarlett the Mistress of the Circle, she is both feared and desired by every man around her. Better yet, The Circle is about to recruit a new member, advertising executive Allison Saunders. As dominate as she is seductive, Allison has total control over her young lovers. The question is can the naturally dominant Allison submit during her initiation at the hands of Mark, who as Lovecraft, is the Circle’s most sadistic member.

As the initiation approaches, Justine begins to struggle with her feelings towards Mark. What started out as a Mistress rewarding a member with the privilege of her bed has become much more. For months Justine has tried to deny those feelings, but finds herself jealous of Allison. She must now decide where does Scarlett end and Justine begin?
824 printed pages
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